A selection of questions commonly asked by customers, if you cannot find your answer here please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: What are the UK tinting laws?
A: We cannot tint your car windscreen in any way or the front side windows below 70% Visible Light Transmission (VLT). See the Links page for more info.

Q: How long will the tinting take?
A: Unfortunately this varies on each job depending on how much glass we are tinting, this can be advised when receiving a quote.

Q: Can you come to us?
A: We prefer vehicles to come to SWT as we can offer a better service in our controlled environment.

Q: Is the film fitted on the inside or outside?
A: All of our films with the exception of special property coatings are fitted to the inside of your glass, well protected from the elements.

Q: Can I open windows straight away after installation?
A: We recommend leaving windows 48 hours before normal use, allowing them to dry.

Q: Can I tint the windscreen?
A: Unless medically exempt no, although often a sunstrip may be fitted.

Q: Is the installation guarenteed?
A: Yes, for as long as you own the vehicle against workmanship & product defects

Q: How do I clean the windows after installation?
A: The use of any normal glass cleaner is fine as long as it is ammonia free and applied to a soft cloth not directly onto the window.

Q: Do I need to clean windows before the tint installation?
A: No, we prepare all windows on site before film is applied however we do need to know if any glass has previously been tinted as this can leave behind glue residue that will cost extra to remove.

Q: Is the rear screen tinted in one piece?
A: Yes all installations are done in one piece of film.

Q: Is the tint effected by the defroster?
A: No, this can be used as normal.

Q: Will the tint effect my sat nav/GPS Mobile etc?
A: We mainly use non-metalized fiilms for vehicles, this will not effect electronics signals at all. Requested metalized installs would be advised when booking.

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