FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of questions commonly asked by customers, if you cannot find your answer here please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please refer to the following link. Tinted Vehicle Window Rules

This varies on each job/vehicle depending on how much glass we are tinting, sizing and difficulty. This can be advised when receiving a quote but you can rest assured we would rather not be rushed in providing the best possible finish for your vehcile.

For vehicles the short answer is…. NO! Window tinting and many of our other services should be carried out in a clean, controlled and contamination free environment. It just so happens our workshop is perfect for this 😉

All of our films with the exception of special property coatings are fitted to the inside of your glass, well protected from the elements.

We highly recommend leaving windows 48 hours before normal use, allowing them to dry, use prior to this will invalidate your warranty!

Please refer to the following link. Tinted Vehicle Window Rules

We warranty all our vehicle film installations for as long as you own the vehicle against workmanship & product defects! Other products may vary, please enquire.

The use of most normal glass cleaners is fine, we recommend applying to a soft cloth not directly onto the window. If in doubt please test on a small inconspicous area first. We advise against the use of creams or polishes.

No, we prepare all windows on site before film is applied however we ask that your vehicle be dropped off in reasonable state of cleanliness both inside and out. Not only will this help us give you the high quality finish you are expecting, your vehicle will be our workspace usually for at least an hour if not more and we would appreciate working in a nice environment.  We also need to know if any glass has previously been tinted as this can leave behind glue residue that will cost extra to remove.

Yes, all installations are done in one piece of film. We would rather return your vehicle un-tinted than use a shortcut like this.

Yes! No issues here after the advised drying period of 48hrs.

No, we have never had an issue with any electronic devices in a vehicle.

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