SWT Terms & Conditions

All appointments will require a booking fee payment at the time of booking. For all our services the booking fee will be based on the total cost of your appointment.


We ask that all vehicles are delivered to us in a reasonable state of cleanliness inside and out, your vehicle is our office for the time it is left with us and we wish to carry out our work to the best standard we can free from obstruction or obstacles, these include:

If items are left in the luggage area a set £12.50 fee for removal will apply. If items are strapped / fixed into the luggage area these will also be subject to the removal fee and will not be secured back into place. Inc Tool boxes/ pushchairs / bags / coats / pet items / storage boxes.

If child seat(s) are present and required to be removed to gain access to glass during tinting we WILL NOT reinstall it. We advise you check this before your vehicle leaves the premises or remove it before your appointment. If we need to remove a child seat(s) there will be no additional charge for this.

Vehicles that need additional cleaning above and beyond our usual strict routine will be charged an additional cleaning fee of £45.00 per hour. We will endeavour to do our best to contact you and advise you of this before we continue any work but due to the nature of our business this is not always possible. This may lead to the final invoice total not being what you were originally quoted. 

Examples of additional cleaning charges may include but not limited to:

We have a very rigours cleaning process we follow but in some situations this process is not enough, so additional cleaning and preparation is required above our standard process this will be chargeable.

Final invoice amounts must be paid either on or before the booking date. These can be made in cash, credit or debit card. The final invoice balance must be paid in full before the vehicle will be released from our workshop.

We no longer accept cheques or bank (bacs) payments for final invoice total.

By booking your vehicle in with South West Tinting you agree to these terms and conditions in full. Please complete the acceptance of terms and conditions form at the top of this page. No work will be carried out without the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

If the terms and conditions are not accepted before you appointment then it is likely the vehicle will be turned away and the booking fee will not be refunded. Additional charges may apply.

Please Accept our Terms & Conditions before attending your next appointment.