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We are now proudly offering a full prestige valet and detailing service with something to suit everyone! We can carry out anything from a basic hand car wash and interior clean to a full vehicle paint correction and swirl removal. At SWT we understand that each vehicle and persons needs are individual and therefore tailor this service to suit.

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To simplify the meaning of detailing this is basically the cleaning of your vehicle to the highest possible standard and as the name suggests paying attention to all the little details. This process can take anywhere up to four days depending on just how far we go and the condition of the vehicle to start with. Below is a run through of the processes carried out on a typical customer vehicle.

These are the steps taken to get the final finish you can see here:

  1. Full vehicle wash including all wheel arches and wheels to remove any heavy soiling
  2. All bodywork given full clay bar treatment to remove usually unseen contaminants from deep within the paint.
  3. Full wash again preparing it for the next stage of polishing.
  4. Vehicle dried using luxury deep pile microfiber towels.
  5. Full polish using a rotary polisher and the highest quality buffing pads and compounds, this step removes the swirl marks and defects and takes the longest of all.
  6.  Door shuts and awkward gaps cleaned and polished by hand.
  7. Full wash and dry to remove any residue left by polishing.
  8. Paint sealant is then applied using the rotary polisher and a finishing pad. This bonds to the paint on a molecular level sealing in the polishing work that has just been completed and giving the paintwork a barrier against the elements that will last for months.
  9. Another layer of sealant applied by hand and buffed to the high gloss finish seen here.
  10. All exterior plastics dressed, tyres dressed, exhaust tip and metals polished, glass cleaned etc.

I hope this has given you an idea of what we are capable of and the high quality finish achievable. Weather you are just looking to give your car a bit of tlc, take it to a show or want to make it an easier vehicle to sell we can make a package to suit you!

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