Window Tinting

At SWT we specialise in the application of a special multi-layer film to the inside of your glass. Using only the highest quality films enables us to make a confident, problem free installation to your building or vehicle as well as guaranteeing our work. This can be in your car, truck, home or office. In fact if its glass it can probably be tinted!

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The following are just a few of the benefits :

  • Blocks 99% of Ultra Violet (UV) Rays
    UV rays have many damaging effects on not only your furniture or car interior but your skin also. With the film installed these harmful rays are blocked out, fading is reduced and skin is protected.
  • Heat Reduction
    The films we use reduce heat by reflecting the solar energy of the sun, in your vehicle we can reduce heat up to 60%, in your home or office this can be up to around 78%. This mean you and even your pets can stay cool and comfortable wherever you are plus your air-conditioning won't have to work as hard, saving you money.
  • Safety
    Should glass be shattered in an accident the film bonded to the glass will keep it held together. Less mess to clear up and easily pushed outwards should you need to escape. Also incredibly difficult to push inwards making it hard for a thief or burglar to get in.
  • Security
    All of our films add security by making windows hard to see or get through but we can also fit specific clear safety film and even bomb proof film.
  • Privacy
    With a variety of film colours and shades you can gain privacy where needed. Perfect for vans and estate cars to protect the contents or maybe you want to stop the nosey neighbour seeing in to your conservatory.
  • Reduced Glare
    In your car this helps to be safer while driving, no more being dazzled by those bright headlights on the motorway at night. In your home or office reducing glare to your pc or television during bright daylight hours can improve viewing pleasure or reduce strain on those eyes.
  • Aesthetics
    Maybe you just want to add a touch of class to your vehicle or property, an easy way to instantly change its appearance. A vast catalogue of available films means we have something for everyone.

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